Newest Shoe Designs

I’ve been somewhat off grid for awhile with contractors at my house working on repairs from a storm. All the work is complete and I’m back on track. I have new shoe designs on my Facebook page. Check them out and like & share the page. Much appreciated.

Here’s one of the newest shoe designs that I named after my beloved Mother who passed away three years ago, Mary Lou. It’s my dream pair of black and white classic pumps.

Mary Lou Shoe Design

A kitten heel added to my design collection

Time to add a few kitten heels to the shoe design collection inspired by digital paintings. Meet Nicole! A kitten with a fresh and playful attitude! She’s charming with a magical vibe that speaks softly like a Summer breeze. She’s like a beautiful garden of thoughts and dreams.


Cobalt Mandate by author, Gary L Hamby

Something a little different… FAMILY NEWS!

So excited! If you like reading ‘action thriller’ books, purchase Cobalt Mandate by Gary Hamby. My brother’s novel released on Amazon (B&B, Kobo, iBooks, etc to come out later today or tomorrow) as an eBook (paperback coming soon).

Hope you buy it, read it and share it :-) Enjoy!

Here’s the link to his book:

Book Description (click on the link to read the complete description and to purchase)

In this premier novel of America’s Prison Industrial Complex, JB and team discover a conspiracy at the highest levels of industry and the U.S. government. Code-named Cobalt Mandate, it is a program intended to accelerate growth of the complex. When JB’s team of ex-intelligence officers and a Pulitzer Prize winner continue its investigation, the opposition decides to do whatever necessary to keep the lid on the explosive exposé. Will JB be able to stop the agenda? Or, will the enemy leaders ruthlessly stop him?

The ten novels of the Prison Industrial Complex set are all fictional. However, the author’s intention was to use the action thriller genre as a means to emphasize the developments of the Prison Industrial Complex that have occurred since its inception in 1973. Over the past three decades (1982-2012) the trends, concepts and policies depicted in this series have and still exist. The author has taken liberty with facts to illustrate the extreme accelerated rate in which we have criminalized behavior; expended billions to achieve harsher results; but, have not changed the crime rate. I beseech every reader to become more aware of the threat the Prison Industrial Complex represents to our nation.


Shoe-spiration of the Day

I appear to be having a design ‘prolific’ day! Though I don’t come from a shoe design or fashion background, I strongly feel it’s where I belong. There’s something that stirs me … a juicy passion that desires to create beauty for the feet. To create wearable art that expresses a woman’s Spirit with every step she takes when putting her best foot forward. I want to see my designs and concepts become reality! Sure, I appreciate having my art hang on walls. However, wearable art is ‘moving’ art. I love this concept of my art being in motion. It appeals to my senses!

With that….Meet Amy & Regi, two new shoe designs inspired by real women.

Meet Amy! With her naturally cool vibe, she rocks in anything she wears. She’s colorful in a “chill” sort of way that’s like an ice cold Mojito on the beach. A cool snakeskin in colors of water effortlessly picks up the vibe :-)


Meet Regi! This lovely lady is a Rock Queen! One of the toughest physical trainers I’ve ever met, she knows how to encourage others to embrace their strength and challenge their weaknesses.  Besides being an athlete with a mind of steel, her style expresses her spirit outside of the gym in ways that are feminine, beautiful and dreamy. She exudes a natural sensuality that reveals feminine strength.


– genece lorraine. illustrator & designer


Bloglovin & IFB

I am connecting through Bloglovin and Independent Fashion Bloggers! Excited to expand my network of like-minded fashion bloggers :-)


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IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers)


Website update

Finally finished fine tuning the website ( to reflect my focus as a designer, illustrator & painter. For awhile, you’ll see less shoe “paintings” on the blog as I work on completing the collection and prepare for a fall shoe making course. Over the next few months, most posts will be about my journey as a shoe designer and what I’m up to with the work.

I have to say, making the commitment to take shoe making courses will keep me focused on the goal. It excites me knowing I am taking a solid step in fulfilling a long time dream. Whatever fears I used to have about making this a reality as a young girl have been replaced with a clear sense of direction and purpose.

My designs are inspired by digital paintings I’ve done over the past six years. I take a painting and turn it into a pattern concept that can be produced onto fabric for each shoe and handbag design. This is what makes my designs unique and allows me greater creative freedom.

Here’s a softer touch in shoe design that was inspired by a floral digital painting called “Soft on Soft” … one woman referred to this design: “Soft on Soft makes me feel like I’m drinking a hot caramel macchiato while wrapped in a blanket.”


Soft On Soft Collection

– genece lorraine, shoe designer, illustrator & painter

Designing My Own Shoe & Handbag

I am preparing for my first shoemaking course this fall. To prepare, I took one of my floral paintings (Thinking of You) and used that to design a shoe and handbag. The digital painting is being printed on fabric I will use to make the shoe & bag. This is an exciting adventure I’ve been dreaming of for a long time. It isn’t just designing shoes and handbags … it’s also having some of my digital art turned into fabric I’ll use in design. I think what excites me most getting started is the tactile aspect of shoemaking and handbag making. Making a shoe/bag come to life from my hands with love!

Here’s what I’m making in the class …the shoe, the handbag and you can see the painting that is being turned into fabric I’ll use to make the shoe/bag.

Spring Sentiments

My Glossi Mini Art Portfolio

I’ve just finished doing my first Glossi booklet as a mini digital illustration and painting portfolio. My plans are to create a series of fashion and high heel inspired art booklets.


A Little Pop of Color

Working my creative muscles again today! Rebuilding my strength for daily illustrations and painting. It”s a journey back to my prolific self ;-)


A Little Pop of Color

– genece lorraine, digital illustrator & painter